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The SnapRefund API is extremely developer-friendly: tying into your existing Claims Management System in 2 weeks or less.

No engineers? No problem. The no-code SnapRefund web app is available for you today.

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Compatible With All US Banks & Credit Unions

Swift transactions with SnapRefund. Access funds rapidly, anytime, without delays.


Automated Claims Processing

Automated Claims Processing Eliminate manual paperwork. Streamlined, efficient, and accurate claims processing.


Enhanced Security

Top-tier encryption and security. Multi-layered authentication protects your data.

Unlocking Efficiency and Satisfaction for Insurers with SnapRefund.

SnapRefund revolutionizes the claims payment process, delivering Cost saving, streamlined Operations, and improved customer satisfaction for insurers.

Cost Savings

SnapRefund eliminates manual paperwork, reducing administrative costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Streamlined Processes

With SnapRefund, insurers can automate claims payments, reducing processing time and improving accuracy.

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Streamline your claims payment process with SnapRefund.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind snaprefund’s success.

Cody Eddings


Cody Eddings is a lifelong entrepreneur, engineer, and massive nerd. Born and raised in St. Louis, he graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Anis Taylor


Anis Taylor, is the Co-Founder and COO of SnapRefund. With over 20 years experience in production and product development, Anis has been tasked with innovating the modern digital payments process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answer to Common Questions about SnapRefund.

What does each Payment Status mean?

In your Transaction History you’ll see all of the payments you’ve sent and received.

As your payments travel within SnapRefund you’ll find the status updates in real-time. There are six potential statuses:

  • Awaiting-sign-up
  • Awaiting-cash-out
  • In-transit
  • Settled
  • Canceled
  • Failed

Check out what each status means below.



Payment sentSender cancels payment before cash outRecipient cashes outTransaction completed within banking or card networkTransaction failed within banking or card networkTransaction canceled within banking or card network

Payment Status

Awaiting-sign-up or Awaiting-cash-outCanceledIn-transit




Why am I seeing "Action Needed : Document"?

In some cases, the financial institutions we partner with automatically flag accounts they were unable to identify automatically and they request a manual review of a user's identification.

Not to worry, everything is okay! We simply need to have one of our identity verification partners verify that you're you.

When uploading a picture of your government issued photo ID, license, or passport, keep the following in mind to avoid longer verification timelines:

  • All 4 Edges of the document should be visible
  • A dark/high contrast background should be used
  • At least 90% of the image should be the document
  • Should be at least 300dpi
  • Capture image from directly above the document
  • Make sure that the image is properly aligned, not rotated, tilted or skewed
  • No flash to reduce glare
  • No black and white documents
  • No expired IDs

Once you upload your document we'll have it reviewed in anywhere from a few seconds to 2 business days. You'll be notified when review is complete.

How do I opt out of email communication?

Opting out of communication is easy!

Navigate to Preferences (click the hamburger menu tray if you're on mobile).

From here, you can choose which communication channels are allowed.

As a consumer, what are the benefits of using SnapRefund?

Being a user on SnapRefund comes with a lot of benefits. The biggest being the different payment method options you have at your fingertips. From Instant Payouts that settles in seconds, to ACH payments, to good ole checks. Using SnapRefund allows you to get paid anyway you want, anytime you want, even on nights and weekends. In addition, our User Interface makes it so easy for you to navigate the platform.

How secure is SnapRefund?

Security is at the center of what we do at SnapRefund.

All data is encrypted and tokenized where possible, and SnapRefund doesn't store any sensitive payment data on our servers, mitigating the impact of  an unlikely data breach.

Additionally, SnapRefund conducts regular penetration testing and monitors platform usage 24/7 to ensure you can enjoy the highest quality, safest payment experience.

What is Plaid?

Plaid makes it easy to securely connect your bank to SnapRefund. Plaid connects to thousands of financial institutions across the United States. With Plaid, connecting your bank account is easy. With Plaid, you’re in control of your data. You choose whom your data is shared with, for what purpose, and how long.

How long can a reimbursement stay in a recipient's account?

On the SnapRefund platform, a recipient’s pending payment will remain available until it is settled by the receiver, or canceled by the sender. There is no limit to when you are able to retrieve your money.

Will reimbursement always be received in full?

On SnapRefund every reimbursement is paid in full. The amount shown in the final Confirmation step is always the amount that recipients will receive.

Do I need to confirm my details each time a reimbursement is available?

On SnapRefund every payment needs to be confirmed each time a recipient wishes to cash out funds.

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