🚀 v1.1.0 Release 🚀

Another release, another slew of awesome updates!🔥

Check below to see what\’s changed with the latest release to agentsnap.io.

  • In-transit payments can now be cancelled and/or resent
  • A dialog shows on Send Payment tab prompting to add a bank account or manage wallet when you don\’t have either a bank account on file or a non-zero wallet balance
  • Business names instead of user first/last name show up in Transaction History and Pending Payments tabs for payments from business users
  • Showing profile pics in notifications tray
  • Hamburger menu now dismisses when clicking outside of its bounds
  • Profile photo uploads now update immediately
  • App version number displays in the bottom right hand corner of the settings page
  • Terms of Service updated with language for personal verified users

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